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Fatima Tambajang

Head of Developer, Startups & VC Ecosystem for Africa & Middle East


Speaker Profile

Fatima Tambajang is NVIDIA's Head of Developer Relations for Africa and the Middle East. Before joining NVIDIA, she managed a global accelerator program, working with startups in Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. She holds a Master's in Economics and Global Development from the University of Copenhagen. NVIDIA, a global tech leader based in San Francisco ranked among the top 10 largest companies worldwide, is at the forefront of the AI revolution with groundbreaking work in AI and GPU technology, impacting innovations globally, including Chat GPT and African initiatives. Fatima's expertise extends to speaking engagements on platforms such as BBC Africa Debate, Forbes, and Copenhagen Fintech Week, where she shares insights on startups, venture capital, and innovation in emerging markets.

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